Koro - s/t 7"

  • no label. #15035 / 8 tracks / 1983
  • RI: D: no label. # scratched out / 1990 (bootleg)
  • RI: NL: reagan era hardcore. / 2001 (??) (bootleg)
  • RI: sorry state. #3 / 2006
  • 500 made of the original, but only around 300 actually sold. There is a (rarer) printed sleeve on heavier paper that has no address printed inside the flap (some have the address hand written in that space), and an (original) xerox sleeve on thinner paper that does have the (typed) address inside the sleeve; there is much less detail in the face on the back sleeve photo, so the xerox sleeve probably came second and was xeroxed from the printed sleeve. 500 or 1000 made of the first bootleg, red vinyl. Reagan Era bootleg has a different sleeve. Sorry State (official) reissue on black and orange vinyl, original sleeve design; test pressings exist; also a rejected test press version with longer silence between the tracks. And: The story about Jello Biafra taking half of the original pressing to San Francisco is apparently not true.
  • This used to be a fairly obscure record, but thanks to Ebay and the MP3 blogs everybody’s now going crazy about it. And for once, they’re right! Eight quick blasts of fast, noisy, hectic and furious hardcore, all under one minute. Great drummer, excellent original songwriting. From Knoxville, TN. [8]
  • Acht kurze und etwas hektische Tracks zwischen 39 und 59 Sekunden - fetziger Hardcore! Der Drummer ist sehr gut und auch der Rest der Musik hebt sich wohltuend von der Masse der stumpfen Ätzcorecombos ab. Einwandfrei.
  • Tracks: 700 club / selfless / it’s ok / government // dear sirs / blap! / nauseous / acid casualty
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