Agnostic Front - victim in pain LP

  • ratcage records. motr 29 / 11 tracks / 1984
  • RI: combat core. / 1986
  • RI (CD): relativity. / 21 tracks / 1991
  • RI: EU: no label. af 353 / 21 tracks / 2006 (?) (bootleg)
  • Two pressings of the first version with foldout cover and picture sleeve: Second pressing has their distributor’s logo (“Important”) under the Ratcage logo at the bottom of the back co­ver. There is also a cassette of the Ratcage version. Combatcore reissue is remixed, black front cover. CD reissue has Victim in Pain & Cause for Alarm LPs. Boot LP on white vinyl includes United Blood EP tracks.
  • I like this a lot better than their debut 7”. It’s still rough and simple, but in a  good way, and the production is a lot better & more powerful. The band had ongoing problems with the MRR zine editors for allegedly being right-wing, but the lyrics here are definitely not fascist or racist. [7]  
  • Skin-HC aus New York, einfach, ungeschliffen und derb. Für meinen Geschmack ist das Ganze zu sehr nach der 3-Akkord-Masche aufgezogen, aber das Ding hat ohne Zweifel Power; eben der legendäre NY-Sound. Textlich ist man sehr vorsichtig und vergreift sich lieber an Szeneproblemen und Unity, die alte White-Power-Hupe bleibt im Schrank.
  • Tracks: victim in pain / remind them / blind justice / last warning / united & strong / power // hiding inside / fascist attitudes / society sucker / your mistake / with time
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