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PO Box 9102, Waltham, MA 02254, USA
www: http://www.forcedexposure.com/
e-mail: fe@shore.net

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        "Very important long-running alternative rock (+literature/film/etc) fanzine with Steve Albini, Eugene Chadbourne & Chris D. among the contributors, long interviews, articles & tons of reviews all done extremely well, irregular." (RoJaRo)
        "Extremely sporadic fanzine which just published it's first issue in 3 years!! (Oct. 93) You can subscribe for a certain number of issues which will probably guarantee you receive all the Forced Exposure's well into the next century! Yes, it is the same people as the label (that's why it's so infrequent; they're always busy). FE is the ultimate source for new, truly underground music, when it comes out. The incredible FE Mail Order catalog is in the back, too."(WNUR)
        "There are still outposts of true indie-dom, labels and musicians who produce music that remains defiantly underground. And Forced Exposure is one of them. Since the early '80s, when Jimmy Johnson launched the Forced Exposure fanzine, the name has been entrenched in the underground. It's been two years since he last published the 'zine. But Forced Exposure, now located in a commercial space in Somerville, has emerged as a primary, and in many cases exclusive, distribution outlet for dozens of obscure imprints, including Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace." (Matt Ashare - Boston Phoenix)
        "Another zine turned label, and I think the label has taken over their time (only 2 to 3 years between each new issue of FE). Releases over the years include an amazing Peter Laughner single, things from Skullflower and the Dead C, and some involvement with Crystallized Movements. Also does some mail-order, typically for labels like Siltbreeze, Majora, Twisted Village, and Ecstatic Peace." (Indie Label List)

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