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Tower Publishing Services Ltd., Tower House, Lathkill Street, Sovereign Park, Market Harborough LE16 9EF, England
www: http://www.qonline.co.uk/
e-mail: Q_magazine@dial.pipex.com (?)

Additional indexes:
q-top.txt - 24 Kb top rated record reviews (five stars)
q-movi.txt - 74 Kb movie reviews, sorted on titles
q-movid.txt - 72 Kb movie reviews, sorted on directors
q-bookt.txt - 100 Kb book reviews, sorted on titles
q-booka.txt - 100 Kb book reviews, sorted on authors
q-actors.txt - 1 Kb articles on actors
q-author.txt - 2 Kb articles on authors
q-direct.txt - 2 Kb articles on movie-directors
q-labels.txt - 1 Kb articles on record-labels
q-music.txt - 2 Kb various music genre articles
q-var.txt - 13 Kb various articles

        "English mainstream monthly covering music (and some film/video). Generally informative with lots of record reviews + interviews/background articles. Recommended as an information source." (RoJaRo)
        "Q Magazine launched in October 1986 described itself as 'the modern guide to music and more'. It quickly established itself as the definitive music guide for the late-1980's and beyond. Readers turn to "Q" for the latest record reviews, sometimes irreverent, always informative. Over 15,000 albums have been featured and all graded with the 'Q' star rating. From the earliest issues, the review section reflected the growth in the CD music format. From just over 70 "new" albums in the first issue, each magazine can now feature over 150 reviews and, in addition, there is a substantial back catalogue section." (The Musicindex)

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