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Below are some of the best music bargains we have discovered lately on Amazon!
Don't wait too long, some of these prices are bound to change quickly - check back frequently, items are added as they are discovered!
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Feb 05/2016: Amazon Canada still offer The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set for a very nice price. All 14 albums carefully remastered from the analogue mastertapes accompanied by a stunning, elegantly designed 252-page hardbound book. If you haven't got it yet ...
Amazon Canada: CDN$ 275.99!
Feb 05/2016: A must have for Krautrock fans, Harmonia: Complete Works is a luxurious vinyl box set contains 5 remastered LPs (one with previously unreleased material), a 36-page booklet with the history of Harmonia, and a poster.
Amazon Italy: EUR 107,92!
Feb 07/2016: The 40th Anniversary Edition mastered for vinyl 3xLP box set of Supertramp's classic Crime Of The Century adds the 1975 Hammersmith Odeon concert to the original album, and you can still get it from Amazon Canada at a bargain price.
Amazon Canada: CDN$ 40.00!
Feb 02/2016: Graham Nash's highly anticipated new studio album This Path Tonight is released on April 15th.
Amazon Canada: CDN$ 20.99!
Feb 02/2016: Rhino is serving up the prog rock essential Yes 13-CD box set titled The Studio Albums 1969-1987, collecting 12 albums from that period, with remastered sound and bonus tracks. How long will Amazon Italy offer it at this price?
Amazon Italy: EUR 27.99!
Feb 05/2016: Queen's 4xLP vinyl box set called Live At The Rainbow '74 collects their two concerts in London that year, from March (Queen II tour) and November (Sheer Heart Attack tour).
Amazon Canada: CDN$ 59.14!


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