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xxx Introduction xxx

This tree, of whatever you may call it, is by no means completed. We will hopefully add more information concerning most of the people and line-ups involved, more quotations, reviews and other improvements. Maybe some more pictures, too, sooner or later.

xxx Why did we make this? xxx

It's our hope that the tree will stir the curiosity of some of you people out there enough to dive / dive deeper into the music and lyrics of Peter Hammill & friends. We certainly have during the making of this thing.

xxx Feedback & corrections xxx

These pages are a result of a www-conversion of a hand-written conventional family tree made by Johan Schlanbusch, who is responsible for all guesses, Norwegian accent ... Feedback, corrections etc. are welcomed. You may obtain a printed copy of the VdGG family tree by sending a big envelope and a couple of IRCs (international reply coupons) to :

   Johan Schlanbusch e-mail address
   Langgt. 2A
   N-0566 Oslo

xxx HTML design xxx

The construction and layout of these pages was done by Knut Tore Breivik, who also added some of the record-reviews and articles. The personnel linking on the artist pages is partly inspired by the highly recommended books from Borderline Productions in the American Rock History series.

xxx Thank you! xxx

Johan says a million thanks and pats on the backs for the invaluable help to all you good and patient people:
  • Judge Smith
  • Nic Potter
  • Fred Tomsett (who corrected (but hardly approved) this tree, autumn 95)
  • Adrian Haegele
  • Avy Abudy
  • Foster Hall
  • Andy Richardson (r.i.p.)
  • Tim Simpson
  • Svein Morten Kveim
  • Dave Jørgensen
  • Jan Inge Sommerseth
  • Sean Kelly
We would also like to thank the following people for permitting reprinting of copyrighted reviews, articles and photos:

And first and foremost thanks to Mr. Banton, Evans, Hammill, Jaxon, Potter, Smith & Smith etc. for their music and lyrics, gigs and other events!!!

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