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xxx Introduction xxx

We try to obtain permission from the magazines before reprinting articles. If we are unable to get such permission, we include the articles anyway, and hope that any offended copyright holders will contact us before taking legal actions ... so, unless noted, the articles are reprinted without permission.
Some of the words below are 'inspired' by the RoJaRo descriptions, the definitive index to music magazines published after January 1992.

[Disc and Music Echo] [Forced Exposure] [Fusion] [Phil Kime] [Manchester Independent] [OffBeat] [Op Magazine] [Option] [Ptolemaic Terrascope] [Q Magazine] [Die Rheinpfalz] [Underground] [Unknown source] [Your Flesh]

xxx Disc and Music Echo xxx

November 2nd 1968, comment by John Peel : Van der Graaf Generator II

xxx Forced Exposure xxx

Very important long-running alternative rock (+literature/film/etc) fanzine with Steve Albini, Eugene Chadbourne & Chris D. among the contributors, long interviews, articles & tons of reviews all done extremely well, irregular.

PO Box 9102
Waltham, MA 02254

7/8-1985, page 69: The Misunderstood: Golden Glass
13-1988, page 97: The Koobas: Barricades

xxx Fusion xxx

Winter 1970, article by Demme / Kaplan : Van der Graaf Generator V

xxx Phil Kime xxx

We are glad to be able to reprint several Phil Kime reviews with kind permission from Phil himself. Visit his homepage where you will find the Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock and a Music Database where the reviews below are found.
Peter Hammill: A Black Box
Peter Hammill: And Close As This
Peter Hammill: Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night
Peter Hammill: Fireships
Peter Hammill: Fool's Mate
Peter Hammill: In A Foreign Town
Peter Hammill: In Camera
Peter Hammill: Loops and Reels
Peter Hammill: Nadir's Big Chance
Peter Hammill: Out Of Water
Peter Hammill: Over
Peter Hammill: pH7
Peter Hammill: Roaring Fourties
Peter Hammill: Sitting Targets
Peter Hammill: Skin
Peter Hammill: The Future Now
Peter Hammill: The Noise
Peter Hammill: The Silent Corner And The Empty Stage
Peter Hammill: X My Heart
The K Group: Enter K
The K Group: Patience
Usher: The Fall of the House of Usher

xxx Manchester Independent xxx

May 7th 1968, article by Daviona Burman : Van der Graaf Generator I
May 14th 1968, article by Daviona Burman : Van der Graaf Generator I
May 21st 1968, article by Daviona Burman : Van der Graaf Generator I

xxx OffBeat xxx

English glossy alternative rock magazine with a rather short lifespan. First issue in September 1988, last issue (#9) May 1989.

6-1989, page 46: Echo City: Gramophone

xxx Op Magazine xxx

Essential American independent music magazine that lived from 1980 to 1984, and the predecessor to both Option Magazine and Sound Choice. If you can get your hands on any issues, don't let the chance pass you by!

K-1982, page 39: The Misunderstood: Let Me Take You To The Sun
M-1982, page 39: The Misunderstood: Before The Dream Faded
Q-1983, page 62: The Misunderstood: Before The Dream Faded

xxx Option xxx

Very interesting alternative American magazine covering most musical bases. Glossy without loss of integrity, hundreds of record reviews. Started in 1985 and is still running.

1522-B Cloverfield Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

D2-1985, page 65: The Misunderstood: Golden Glass
F2-1985, pages 36-37: Peter Hammill interview
M2-1987, page 85: The Koobas: Barricades
O2-1987, page 92: Peter Hammill: And Close As This
24-1989, page 80: Peter Hammill: Spur Of The Moment
26-1989, page 99: Peter Hammill: In A Foreign Town

All articles reprinted with kind permission from Scott Becker (publisher).

xxx Ptolemaic Terrascope xxx

This occasional magazine covers interviews with all (most of) the psychedelic and progressive bands and artists of the past and present including Jaxon and David O'List.
A four issue subscription at GBP 15 UK / 20 Europe / U$D 35 USA and Canada / GBP 22 elsewhere.

37 Sandridge Road
Wiltshire SN12 7BQ

e-mail: philmcm@dircon.co.uk

xxx Q Magazine xxx

English mainstream monthly covering music (& some film/video). Generally imformative with lots of record reviews + interviews/background articles. Recommended as an information source, but not for the adventurous.

Mappin House
4 Winsley Street
London W1N 7AR

30-1989, page 73: Echo City: Gramophone
45-1990, page 123: Juicy Lucy: The Best Of
45-1990, page 124: Rare Bird: Sympathy
56-1991, page 96: Peter Hammill: Over
56-1991, page 96: Peter Hammill: Skin
56-1991, page 96: The K Group: The Margin
70-1992, page 108: The Misunderstood: Before The Dream Faded
135-1997, page 118: Peter Hammill: Everyone You Hold

xxx Die Rheinpfalz xxx

German newspaper.

April 7th 1992: Lyrisch, behutsam und brutal - Peter Hammill live in Karlsruhe
February 1998: Peter Hammill, Saarbrücken, 03.02.98 - another concert review

These articles were kindly deposited by the author Fred G. Schütz. Thanks!.

xxx Underground xxx

UK indie magazine that lived through 13 (bad luck!) numbers in 1987-'88. Short reviews and articles.

4-1987, page 25: The Koobas: Barricades

xxx Unknown source xxx

1967 article by Tony Patnik : Van der Graaf Generator I
1969 article by R.S. : Van der Graaf Generator III
1969 article by D.M.E. : The Koobas

xxx Your Flesh xxx

Another huge impressive american zine covering a wide variety of alternative music & art. Honest interviews & a large section of personal record review make this a personal favourite. Strongly recommended.

Subscriptions: $35.00 for 4 issues
Payment and requests regarding subscription rates may be sent to the following address:
Your Flesh Magazine
PO Box 583264
Mpls. MN 55458-3264

e-mail: yourflesh@worldnet.att.net

16-1989, page 61: Peter Hammill: In A Foreign Town

The article is reprinted with kind permission from Peter Davis.
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