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Important VdGG sources

Sofa Sound
PO Box 66
Newsletters, VdGG and PH CDs, posters, T-shirts etc.
from Peter Hammill himself. (Don't expect a personal
answer if you send him a letter!) Two newsletters a
year cost GBP 3.00 in the UK / 3.50 Europe / 4.00
elsewhere. The latest newsletters (from March 1995
onwards) are now available at the Sofa Sound Website.
Pawn Hearts
927 6th Ave. N.
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 2T3 Canada
Newsletters, live-tapes, albums, bootlegs, worldwide
discography, copies of press clippings etc. from the
archives of Pawn Hearts. Check out the
Pawn Hearts home-page at Refugees' Home.
Pilgrims /
Pandoras Boox /
Oedipus Recs

PO Box 249
Chesterfield S40 4DZ
Pilgrims - the informative and
amusing VdGG- / PH-fanzine - has by far
been the most frequently used source in
the making of the tree. There hasn't been
much news from the Pilgrims camp lately, but
we've heard rumours of a new issue. A
subscription of three issues will cost you
GBP 4.50 UK / 5.30 Europe / 5.50 elsewhere
surface mail / 7.00 elsewhere air mail.
Fred the ed's book(let) The Stereo Sonic
(Pandoras Boox 1994) - a live-tape
guide, and even David Shaw-Parker's The
Lemming Chronicles
(Pandora 1995) a
sort of, have been useful, too.
They're both still available.
Nic Potter / Zomart
PO Box 345
London WC1 8HN
Newsletters, CDs and even a few LP-goodies
(Tigers etc.) - if you're lucky. Send him
an IRC or two for information.
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